Reasons Why I Liked Jiujitsu

I have tried Brazilian Jiujitsu twice at Gym ni Juan and I really think I am meant for it. It’s an undeniable fact that I am petite. I couldn’t count the times when it was pointed out. However, I was just never insecure about my height as I even use it to my advantage. What people don’t know is that though I am small, I am strong. Strong enough to lift heavy containers and bend and break hard objects. People know that I can give hard massages really good too. Okay, enough bragging. That brute force is probably one factor why I think jiujitsu is for me. After two sessions, I was able to round up a few reasons why I liked Brazilian Jiujitsu.

It conditions the mind and the body. 

Jiujitsu, a martial arts crafted in Brazil, primarily involves grappling. I have tried yoga, zumba, and a pre-programmed workout, but they bored me. Jiujitsu, on the other hand, involves cardiovascular training, resistance workout, stretching, and breathing work. After a session, I was able to finish an intense physical workout without me noticing. I just kept moving, sweating, and losing calories. Jiujitsu is as much as a mental activity as it is physical. Every move should be smart and well-thought out so you can bring your opponent down. Jiujitsu teaches mind-body awareness making it a good sport to develop both physical and mental health. 



I never thought that a 10 year-old can beat me up and make my body sore even after a week.

It teaches self-defense. 

The photo pretty much sums it – a smaller person trying to take down an extra large opponent.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is created for this purpose. Weaker and smaller people can handle attackers with BJJ techniques in the smartest and most effective ways possible. It teaches you not just to hit, punch, and throw a fit when you are attacked, but to effectively knock them down to defend yourself.

See, a 7 year-old knows how to choke!

Learned how to choke, lock, and break wrists.

It is a fun therapy. 

Nana, Andrea, Raymart, and me. (Credits to Nana for the photo)



That night, my blogger friends and I didn’t only work out, but we also met new friends at Gym ni Juan. I never thought we would have so much fun laughing. They were all so welcoming and were never hesitant to teach us about BJJ. They’re the type of people that you would love to get together with at the gym – those that would help you keep coming to the gym for both the fun and the workout.

Gym ni Juan opened on June 2014. They also offer Body Building, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Circuit Training and is affiliated with Deftac Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu since 2015.

With Gym ni Juan owners Zony and Ann and Coach Maui. (Credits to Nana for the photo)


Thank you, Gym ni Juan, for a fun night. We might roll again with you soon! 🙂


Gym ni Juan is located at the

4th floor of Empress Palace Building, Commission Civil, Jaro, Iloilo City

Numbers: 0917 358 3030 or 0916 307 4121



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