SM Southpoint Food Trip: Live by Healthy Kitchen

If all the restaurants in Iloilo City were to be ranked according to its interiors, Live will definitely be included in the top list. Décor and design have become important factors in deciding where to eat and Live clearly paid a lot of attention to these elements. The art on their walls, the trinkets on the shelves, the way their tables complemented their plates and even their lighting were all aesthetically pleasing and photo friendly.






But, this artsy mural is not a bait. More than a marketing strategy, it is literally a huge shoutout of Live’s mission for the Ilonggo community – to promote healthy lifestyle through tasty comfort food.

If “You are what you eat”, I am a chicken. Everybody knows that I can eat chicken three times a day, seven days a week. Also, I must be the pickiest foodie in town. My best friend even nearly had to beg for me to go with him at Live’s other branch some two years ago. But, surprise. I’m alive after eating Vegan food. And… ugh, quite unbelievably, I loved them.

Single Dip Roti (Garlic Yogurt Dip) (P60)
Goi Con – Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with peanut & nuoc cham sauce, choice of chicken/shrimp/tofu (P135)
Tofu Sisig (P250)
Gourmet Binakol Soup (P160)
Herb-roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pizza (P345)
Yogurt Granola and Fruits
Roti Quesadilla
Chicken & Vegetable Kebab with garlic yoghurt dip (P280)
Fresh Fruit Juices with Chia Seeds – Cucumber, Grape, Lychee, Mango, Coconut, Live Cooler (P65)
Dairy-free Fresh Fruit Salad and Green Tea Pana Cotta

My favorites were the Chicken Kebab, Tofu Sisig, and the Herb-roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pizza. Live aced food presentation and health value, but the taste definitely didn’t disappoint as well. Healthy food trends come and go. We can’t predict what trends might fill our plates in the coming years. But it’s safe to say that Live captured the city with its enticing and healthy menu. Comfort food can be healthy after all. Live is truly another well-curated Ilonggo brand that we can be proud of.

They also have a retail wall where you can purchase a wide variety of healthy snacks, treats, and ingredients.



You can also sign up for personalized calorie-counted meal plans for healthy weight loss.

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Social media bait has made the food industry a lot more interesting. Customers have been photographing their entire dining experience these days. More often than not, we see posts with dishes that are more fun to look at than they were to actually eat. Live, however, lives up to its purpose with extreme thoughtfulness: to serve healthy and flavorful comfort food.


Live is located at the
2nd Floor, SM City Southpoint, Iloilo City
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Contact Nos.: 0917 700 5834, 0949 883 3742


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