SM Southpoint Foodtrip: Ramboy’s Liempo

Nothing beats Aklan’s best. You know it! Ramboy’s still holds the title of the best liempo in the world. Now we can get our hands on the well-loved liempo as they have opened another branch at SM City Southpoint.

Liempo (P350)


Among all the roasted pork belly recipes in the Philippines, the only one that can make you drool and drive you crazy is Ramboy’s Liempo. I’ve said here that nothing can ever match it.ย When I was in college, my friends and I would have lunch at Ramboy’s and order 1 serving of this liempo and 2 platters of rice. Even without any other dishes on the table, we’d end up being satisfied. The liempo is a combination of a gratifying crunch and a mouth-watering juicy bite. You wouldn’t even need to dip it in the sauce. It would be hard to eat in moderation once you’ve had a taste of this meaty perfection. Remember to always request for a freshly roasted piece as you order.

What started as a simple lechonanย in Numancia, Aklan has expanded into 18 branches nationwide including 7 restaurants and 11 stands. As the brand grew, it also introduced more delicious dishes in their menu.

Sinigang na Isda (P285)
Halabos (P300)
Lechon Manok (P250)
Chicken Sotanghon Guisado (P140)
Bountiful and affordable Ramboy’s dinner

To further provide convenience to its customers, Ramboy’s also released their Combo Meals.

Take the tourists, balikbayan family, and friends here for the best welcome back dining experience. You can never go wrong with Ramboy’s.

Ramboy’s is located at the
Lower Ground Floor, SM City Southpoint



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