2017 International Youth Day Celebration: Youth as Dutybearers of Peace

On August 12, 2017, the whole world is celebrating International Youth Day. The National Youth Commission (NYC) as the sole policy-making coordinating body of all youth-related institutions, programs, projects and activities of the government commemorates this very significant event in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao simultaneously.


This year, Iloilo City is hosting the 2017 International Youth Day (IYD) Celebration in partnership with NYC in the Visayas. The IYD Celebration coincides with the month-long celebration of the City of Iloilo marking its 80th Charter Day this August with the theme: Celebrating 80 years of Ilonggo’s Culture and Pride.

By virtue of RA 8044, NYC aims to encourage wide and active participation of the youth in all government and non-governmental programs, projects and activities affecting them; and also seeks to harness and develop the full potential of the youth as partners in nation- building.

NYC is keen in providing the youth with opportunities to be an active partner in nation-building through youth programs and projects that will develop and harness their potentials and enable them to be of great service to their country and community and among them is peace-building. NYC further believes that the Filipino youth must take part in being duty bearers in promoting peace in the country and the world. It is very timely that this year’s IYD’s theme is “Youth Building Peace,” hence, the partnership between NYC and ICG for the 2017 International Youth Day Celebration was born.

2017 Iloilo International Youth Day Celebration aims to bring together the youth, youth organizations and youth-serving organizations. With a purpose of promoting the essence of strong camaraderie among the youth and enabling them to engage at all levels of holistic activities while gaining both professional and recreational experiences.




Specifically, the event aims to: 1.) Adopt and observe in commemoration of UN theme of this year’s IYD which is “Youth Building Peace”;  2.) Test the level of knowledge of the youth on illegal drugs; 3.) Provide a venue for youth to openly discuss the serious issues facing them and solutions they see to these issues; 4.) Showcase the talent and skills of the youth in different areas of arts and music; and 5.) Celebrate the achievements and continuing initiatives of the city in promoting youth development and empowerment.

Onward, Filipino Youth!


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