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Chance Encounters at the Circle Hostel, La Union

Being caught up in the hustles of employment, the boring yet exhausting weekday routine, and the burden of having to deal with some toxic people every day take away my innate youthful vibe. My cousin would often ask me why I don’t seem to have a lot of new friends after I transferred here in Manila. I am a social butterfly, he insisted. I did not intend to, but that part of me was unconsciously hidden somewhere in my petite anatomy. I became lazy and I forgot how outgoing and cheerful I really am.


Meet Sebastian, Basti for short, the most ma-PR shih tzu in history.

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Desserts in the Sky, Iloilo City

When I went home to Iloilo last December, one of the items on my list was to try Desserts in the Sky. People flooded Facebook and Instagram with pictures of its quaint interiors and classy-looking desserts because it only opened a few weeks before my trip. Luckily, my friends Tesha and Kathleen decided to meet me there a few days before my flight back to Manila (darn).


Tushy and Murky outside DITS.

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The Nest, Vivere Hotel, Alabang

Is there any way that you can still feel the romantic vibe even the Valentine’s season is over? On the 31st floor of the 5-star Vivere Hotel in Alabang lies The Nest – where you can experience whimsical sky-high dining at its finest, absolutely any time of the year. As its name stands, The Nest provides its guests the comfort that a refuge or a hideaway is longed for. Needless to say, it’s where you can dine with someone special regardless of the romantic stage you are currently in. Let’s head on to the review before I start pouring my heart out and all hugot here.

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February 3rd.

Pwede makilig, one time lang?

I will be posting or blogging about love for each day of February. I don’t know why, but I just feel giddy, happy, and full of love every day since the first day of the month.

Today, I will share with you my favorite poem written by Angela Manalang-Gloria. Actually, I’m not sure if I already blogged about here in the past. I’m sharing, anyway. Continue reading


February 3, 2015 · 12:06 am

Before Anything Else

Twenty years ago this week, Before Sunrise was released. It still amazes me that a mundane love story that merely shows the reality of romantic love through its different stages has found its way to being one of the best masterpieces in the history of film. I don’t care if I’m biased, it’s true, anyway.

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Big Bad Wolf, Taguig City

In another realm, the wolf is a ferocious and very intuitive creature. Its hunting skills are remarkable that it can raid the forest with supreme confidence. Although deadly, it is an exceptional pathfinder – one that can guide you to where you ought to be.

So if you are lost in the spirals of the Burgos Circle in Taguig City, let hunger, thirst, and fate lead you to the Big Bad Wolf. Here, you are not a prey, but you are the one who devours.

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I saw the rock star Pope!

Pope Francis, the reigning Pope of the Catholic Church and the Vatican’s head of state, is currently here in the Philippines. Weeks before his visit, I already got bummed whenever I think about the rerouting, heavy traffic, and the “no work, no pay” policy that will come with his stay. For one, I am not of the same faith; and two, I dislike those who worship him and forget about God. Continue reading

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