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Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Zuellig Building, Makati City

It’s impossible for us to eat breakfast like a King, but we can always have it like a CEO. But where?

Terraz is an intimate and sleek restaurant housed at the statuesque LEED-certified Zuellig Building in the bustling Makati CBD. It is the most ideal spot for social events and corporate meetings. We were invited to try their new breakfast courses and of course, I said yes right away!

The Continental Mini Buffet

For only P245, you can enjoy this wide selection of the most popular breakfast foods. Aside from these, you can also enjoy their fruit compote (pineapple, pear, peach with cottage cheese), oatmeal with ala minute honey, and home made muesli.


Breads, rolls, Danish pastries with jam and butter. You can ask the waiter to have the bread reheated.

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I wish Jesus didn’t say that…

I've had more than 25 birthday cakes in my 25 years. Even that, I cannot thank Him enough for.

I’ve had more than 25 birthday cakes in my 25 years. Even that, I cannot thank Him enough for.

…worry is for the worldly because this past year, it has been my motivation. Ironic as it sounds, anxiety and constant fear secured me. For Generation Y nurses, the so-called quarter life crisis starts after the ceremonious Oath Taking. The world’s hunger for nurses is undoubtedly insatiable, but there are hundreds of us who are misemployed. Three mismatched jobs and two major life decisions in two consecutive years after, God sent me this message a day before my birthday: Continue reading


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Making My Papa Proud with My Strong Hand

When we were younger, Papa used to improvise a mini shooting range for us. Using his air gun, we aimed at empty cans and bottles. I felt like hitting them was a breeze back then. One time, I got ecstatic when he said I can shoot with his revolver, but when I saw him fire it, I chickened out. I got frightened by the smoke coming from the barrel and all the more petrified of the recoil. From that day on, I never really cared about holding a real gun ever again. I was contented with shooting robots and morbid-looking bunnies in the arcade using pellet guns. This was never in my bucket list, but oh boy, fate has its tricky ways of throwing me into a shooting range.

A woman’s got to have a strong hand to fire guns.

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Just another simple clamor


Oftentimes I wish they were all one and the same. And sometimes I wish I never thought I was good enough at something else and some people didn’t believe so too. That way, my life is just a straight path. No crossroads, no detours. Continue reading

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The boy who cried books

How far will you go for your dream? Will you go as far as turning your back on your family and moving thousands of kilometers away from your comfort zone on your own? All for his passion for education, Justin did. He ran away from home, bought books, and sold them on the streets. His firm belief system and love for books sustain him from day-to-day. With the help of friends and media, he became viral. Book donations and other forms of assistance came in. Read about his story here and here.

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On Courtesy to the Elders and the Priority Lane

What privileges come with being a Filipino Senior Citizen? Do we have to read the 11-page Republic Act 9257 before we understand them or is our Filipino tradition of caring for the elderly enough reason for us to graciously assist them in public? I thought it was as basic as that, but last week, I realized that we need to be more assertive in reminding others of the courtesy to elders, especially to those who are already raising their Senior Citizen Cards up while on queue. Continue reading

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La Union Food Photo Dump

You wouldn’t have a hard time looking for restaurants around La Union’s surf beach. They’re just all across. But thanks to Rafa, we also tried others that are not in the vicinity. Here’s what we had:

1. Complimentary breakfast at the Circle Hostel. Soft and savory pandesal with Cheez Whiz or peanut butter spread and bananas. Manong magtataho also drops by to wake the whole neighborhood up every morning. You can buy ordinary coffee (P15/cup) too. Take just enough for some energy to surf, but not too much that you’ll bloat. The Circle also has homegrown lemongrass, basil, thyme, etc. in their lawn so tea lovers can have their freshly brewed cup of tea from The Circle before setting out to the sea.

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