#makeITsafePH: On Long Distance Relationships, Sexting, and Intimacy

Being in a long distance relationship is not an easy feat, much more when you only get to see each other once a year. In a few months, Ray and I will be celebrating our third anniversary. We were only able to go on a couple of dates during his short vacation in the country … Continue reading #makeITsafePH: On Long Distance Relationships, Sexting, and Intimacy


My 2017 Favorites

I’ve been meaning to write a recap for the Year 2017 before it ended, but I only got around to making a draft. I couldn’t find the time to write specific blog posts for everything I want to say, so I think it would be best to just summarize them all with a post about … Continue reading My 2017 Favorites

For the Love of Breastfeeding | The August that was

For the breastfeeding mothers and advocates in Iloilo City, this August was definitely a month to remember. The National Breastfeeding Awareness Month was a rollercoaster of emotions. Different circumstances came into play that even onlookers were able to witness the drive and the passion of the advocates in the city. The past few years, much … Continue reading For the Love of Breastfeeding | The August that was

Nail Care Tips | Nailaholics Giveaway

I got some helpful insider tips from the expert nail technicians at Nailaholics. Keep these in mind to keep your nails healthy and also to extend the life of your manis and pedis: Make sure your nails are moisturized before getting your manicure. Hydrated nail beds cause less nail breaking and chips. Always use a … Continue reading Nail Care Tips | Nailaholics Giveaway