Eat all you can, Eat all you want at Cabalen Iloilo

Straight up, you'll know how Filipino Cabalen is. From their interiors to their food choices, it's all so Pinoy. I've heard people discuss about its limited food choices, but once you get to the buffet tables, you'll see more than 30 authentic Filipino dishes! That's not limited at all when you think about purely Filipino … Continue reading Eat all you can, Eat all you want at Cabalen Iloilo


Nails’ Day-out at Nailaholics

I said it before and I’ll say it again – a pedicure is a simple luxury that I can’t afford to miss. I’d be short of cash in a month, but still find ways to get my toenails done even for P60 at a local salon. Because in reality, nail care is not a frill. … Continue reading Nails’ Day-out at Nailaholics

Hey Sugar: Waxing Made Sweeter

It was already after college when I accepted the fact that beauty regimens are not only for the vain. I was late into realizing that skin care doesn’t only comprise of washing the face and putting on lotion. Can you imagine that I first had my eyebrows shaved when I was already 23 and first … Continue reading Hey Sugar: Waxing Made Sweeter

SM Southpoint Foodtrip: San Jose Cafe

We’ve always associated the mall as a place to shop and kill time. However, the malls have grown into business locations that offer a lot more than just the usual goods and services. They now serve as venues to overcome challenges in life (LOL). This is what SM Southpoint is for a lot of people … Continue reading SM Southpoint Foodtrip: San Jose Cafe

SM Southpoint Food Trip: Live by Healthy Kitchen

If all the restaurants in Iloilo City were to be ranked according to its interiors, Live will definitely be included in the top list. Décor and design have become important factors in deciding where to eat and Live clearly paid a lot of attention to these elements. The art on their walls, the trinkets on … Continue reading SM Southpoint Food Trip: Live by Healthy Kitchen