The Nurse in Me

This page will be edited and updated every after additional working experience. 😉

December 2012

Florence Nightingale, the person all nurses look up to had said, “Poetry and Imagination begin life.”

It’s a tough life I’m having especially now that Nursing is becoming too mainstream.   Nurses become entrepreneurs, models, photographers, call center agents, or even resort to taking up Medicine.

Armed with words and an imagination, I know I’ll reach that phase of my life when I can rightfully be called a Nurse. Though I’m busy with stuff not directly related to Nursing, this page will remind me of The Nurse in Me.

Perhaps you can share to me the nurse in you too. :)

January 2014

The world of Nursing is full of emotional encounters – from relieving to heartbreaking ones. It introduced me to true friends and to people from different walks of life. To this day, the title RN reminds me of regrets, frustrations, and options that I carelessly ignored in the past. Ironically, it is in that world that I feel more appreciated and valued.

Though I hop from one interest to another and I continue to fight for the love and hate relationship that I have with this profession, undoubtedly, I can see that there is a nurse in me.

I  practiced the profession for one year and I knew how I am as a nurse. I loved how I cared for my patients and how I interacted with them and their significant others. This facet of my being is on hold. Let’s see where life leads me. Maybe, I’ll find my way into this path again someday.


8 thoughts on “The Nurse in Me

      1. Just call me Eler medyo di kasi ako sanay sa Kevin eh, nope I’, a student taking up physical therapy, you should check out my Medical Humor article. HEHE. Thank you po for the follow. Mabuhay po tayo.

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