Glorietta 3: Pizza Warehouse

Out with the cousins on a Sunday afternoon, we looked for a new pizza place to try. I must say, we found a good one that day! It’s the newly opened Pizza Warehouse at 2F, Glorietta 3.




We ordered an 18-inch pizza and had half of it All Meat flavor and half Combo. We had it sliced into 6, one for each of us. It was worth it because…



One slice is as big as this paper plate!


Pizza heaven!

Cheesy goodness topped generously! If I we didn’t have shakes before we ate, I bet I can even finish two slices!


It’s a place packed with simplicity. Choose a pizza and a drink and you’re off to your seats to eat. No hassle at all. It makes me imagine the pizza place where The Weekenders hang out after school. Hihi! Since they sell it per slice, I know I’ll be back here some time soon! Pizzzaaaaaaaaa!!!!! :)


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Forty Winks

I thought whoever must be in the room with us was just sweeping. But it was 2 o’clock in the morning. I tried hard to open my eyes wide because I was really sleepy. True enough, the man wasn’t sweeping. Suddenly, he covered my mouth with his hand and whispered, “Huwag kang sisigaw. May kukunin lang ako.” I tried to push him away from the bed because my phones were there. Then, he hugged me from the back and stopped moving. He sighed against my nape, inhaled and inhaled, and said, “Ahhh.”
I grabbed the bread knife from his other hand and stabbed him. It felt wrong. I did it again.

His flesh was as hard as cardboard and his skin… it was leather.

Then I woke up.

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Alabang Town Center: Johnny Rockets

Jukebox, couches, fatty food, and ketchup. We all loving imagining being at an authentic American diner. In Iloilo, my friends and I love Freddy’s for letting us feel that classic American ambiance. And I found one spot to simulate the feeling here in Manila too. Johnny Rockets!




Fries and the their signature ketchup smileys!

Cheesy Fries and the their signature ketchup smileys!

My brother's grilled cheese with fries on the side

My brother’s grilled cheese with fries on the side

My Rocket Wings. They don't look that good but they taste great! Spicy! :)

My Rocket Wings. They don’t look that good but they taste great! Spicy! :)


We enjoyed the crew’s dance numbers too! Their specialty are hamburgers, actually, but we didn’t feel like having them that day. I heard their shakes are quite the bomb but… we were going to have DQ ice cream after so we skipped it. Lol.

Here’s a link of their menu.


My brother and I found the perfect place to catch up that day. We enjoyed retro music that’s not too loud that we couldn’t hear each other.

And oh, thank you Johnny Rockets for following me on Twitter! Haha! So do I get to have free coupons? Lol!

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Forty Winks

I peeped through the glass window and saw two men running towards the gate. One of them carried a knife. Aha, I could hear police siren. I rushed to the ground floor and was surprised to see everybody panicking, running around in different directions. I saw one man drenched in his own blood behind the boxes. I heard someone wail in pain. Then suddenly…

Earvin: Nurse, nurse! Pakiexplain ang laxative to this foreigner.
Me: You drink this so you can poop! (Sabay twerk as I handed him the specimen cup which already contained urine)

Then I woke up.


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I’ve finally decided to leave the past behind…






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Thanks for breaking out the ugly truth

I won’t be talking about what it is because each of us deals with a whole lot of it from the various facets of our life. Ugly truths are not only confined in complicated relationships but in other aspects of our living, and each person definitely has a different perception about their own roster of ugly truths.

There are those who welcome them with gratitude for the salvation it brings but there are also those who are in denial, choosing to be secured by blindness and ignorance, and of course there are those who are simply and genuinely clueless about it.

Let’s face it. Our social sphere is now full of lies, deceit, and pretense. For years now, we are set to play mind games, cautious of what we’re getting into and of what others will perceive our actions to be. We are torn between showing our vulnerabilities and coming out invincible.

Lucky for us, there are people who are meant to slap the unpleasant reality to our faces. They are people who will risk hurting us at the moment to spare us from getting deeper wounds in the future.

Fortunately, before we fall into the bottomless pit of lies, they are there to rescue us from being eternally blinded by the ugly truth. These God-given people refuse to say “everything is going to be okay” because they know that it’s not. They are not fond of using euphemisms just for us to feel comfortable for a short period of time before the sharp pangs of reality set in. They choose to be harsh, picking out words that sting for your vision to be clearer.

They urge you to do what reverts the lies without being coercive. Because they know that at the end of the day, it’s still your decision that will matter.

It’s comforting to know that we have this kind of people in our lives, choosing to stay even if we’re being stubborn most of the time.

Thank you to you, people, who never tire to do that for me.

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Farmer’s Market, Cubao: Dampa

It’s a tradition in my uncle’s family to eat at Dampa every after Bisita Iglesia during Holy Week. We decided to set off on a Thursday and after dropping by seven churches, we settled at their Farmer’s Market branch. For those who are unfamiliar, Dampa is a wet market where one can purchase all sorts of fresh seafood and poultry. Several restaurants are lined up beside it where you can have your purchases cooked. I know for some, a wet market is not a good picture but trust me, it’s clean and they even have areas with air condition.



Halaan (Clam soup)

Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish



Inihaw (Grilled) Catfish

Inihaw (Grilled) Catfish

And I can’t believe I lost the picture of the Inihaw (Grilled) Pork Liempo but I found one from the internet so you can imagine just how succulent it is.  Credits to




I also love that they put the rice in the traditional kaldero. The feels! :) Though we arrived around 2pm, it wasn’t scorching hot because the place is well-ventilated. Of course, you just have to be patient because it will take around 30-45 minutes before your food gets served because they still have to cook it. It’s worth the wait, anyway. For seven people, the price is just right since we had two servings of each dish plus the charge for cooking. There are several restaurants there but we ordered from Kainan ni Aling Cadiang.

There are several Dampa branches all over Metro Manila. They have been featured on TV so there’s really no reason for you not to give it a try. I am still drooling over that Inihaw na Liempo. Hmmm!

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